As one of the developer of Cooling Pad product in China, SAT started to manufacture and sell pad from the founding of company in 2000.

The SAT pad is the essential part for evaporative cooling and effective operation of the system. The dry and hot air will become cool and humid when it passes through the SAT pad. Our rich experience in cooling designing shows that SAT pad is capable of making the cooling system much more simple and economic. In addition, the SAT pad is also the main part to make humidifier, evaporative cooler and other equipment. Using SAT pad can save the manufacture cost and to enhance the performance of the products.

The SAT pad is the key part of the humidification and cooling system. It is made of corrugated cellulous paper with special technique process, which possesses the traits of corroding-resistant, higher wet strength and long working lifes etc. The corrugated sheet structure with certain angle provides enough space for air and water’s heat exchange (e.g. the surface of type 790 is around 450m2/m3; type590 is about 680m2/m3). Besides, its filter function helps purify the air coming outside.

Application of SAT pad

  • Spot ventilation and cooling in the field of industrial manufacturing, food processing, chemistry and steel producing
  • Air humidity adjustment used for textile factories, commercial and civil building construction
  • Industrial application used for air exchanger and waterproofing board in equipment producing
  • Animal-poultry and husbandry house cooling system
  • Greenhouse climate control system
  • Pre-cooling for air conditioner condenser in order to improve COP efficiency




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