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1. System is over water supply
To control the water supply by adjusting the valve or change to the water pump with lower power.

2. Non-evenness of the water spreading on the paper pad
To check the installation is under the correct way or not. Adjust valve to control the water supply; Change the water pump with more power or water pipe with high caliber. Clean the pool, pump entrance, filter and pipe etc. in time. Eliminate the dirt inside the water recycling system.

3. Leaking treatment
To check whether water is over supply, pad is damaged, dilapidated on the edge or leaking at the connection. Use silicon glue to plug after water supply stops.

4. Pad cleaning
Elimination of the scale and alga on pad's surface: Use the soft brush to remove up and down after the pad's completely drying out. Do not remove horizontally. (Can brush a small part to verify if the pad stand or not). Then only switch on the water supply system to wash the scale and alga on pad's surface. (Do not use steam or high pressure water)


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