PPV Solvent Recovery Rotor

Zeolite Rotor Cassette-Energy Efficient VOC Abatement


ProFlute Zeolite Rotor Cassettes are the leading technology of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With more than 200 systems currently in service, our install base includes some of the world’s most respected companies. ProFlute pioneered the development of the hydrophobic zeolite for VOC adsorption over 10 years ago and manufactures the rotors and cassettes.

ProFlute uses a proprietary mixture of zeolites with different pore sizes to cover a wide range of VOC molecule sizes. To meet customers’ multi-level demands, ProFLute supplies zeolite rotors or zeolite rotor cassettes which equipped with rotor, motor and seal or customized VOC concentration and adsorption materials in various sizes.

As frames made of high strength aluminum, ProFlute zeolite rotor cassettes are corrosion resistant and lightweight. Rotors are available in multiple sizes to handle a wide range of flow rates and can ship via standard shipping containers (rotors 2,446mm in diameter and larger will require breakdown for shipment).


  • Semiconductor
  • TFT/LCD(flat panel display manufacturing)
  • Automotive paint finishing
  • Aerospace paint finishing
  • Coating
  • Printing/packaging
  • Composite manufacturing

Dimensions, standard rators

Diameter, mm Available depth, mm Shaft diameter, mm Delivered knock-down
100~350 50, 100 or 200 20 No
450~550 100,200 or 400 20 No
600~1050 200 or 400 20 No
1150~1950 200 or 400 30 Can
2000~3000 200 or 400 40 Yes

Zeolite Rotor Technology


Rotor Drive Assembly


  • Hydrophobic zeolite rotor
  • Painted aluminum casing
  • Gear reducer
  • Rotor drive assembly(380V/50Hz/3phase)
  • Rotor hub and spokes
  • Elastometer seals


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